Friday, July 28, 2017

Day 6: Victoriadagen concert, Crown Princess Victoria is 40

The Victoriadagen  (Victoria Day)  is an annual concert in Borgholm's sports field  in honor of the Crown Princess.   This is the night of July 14.

The Royal Family arrive by carriage from Solliden.   I am the copyright holder.  If you want to use a photo, please contact me.  Thanks to one of the photographers who allowed me the use of his extra ladder.

this  local band played prior to concert. They were also at Solliden on the 15th

Appparently this guy is a famous Swedish hockey player who plays for the Colorado NHL team

Kai Wiestal (who is in charge of the entire show)

Proud papa listening to Victoria's speech

Dinner at Ebbas By the Sea

Borgholm Sunset