Monday, August 22, 2016

New to my collection

Two new cards for my collection.   Both are German postcards.   The first card is from the wedding of Princess Frederika of Hannover and Prince Paul of Greece.

The latter card is one of the official engagement photographs. I have another card from this photo session.

Mail call

This arrived last Thursday, but just catching up to the pile on the desk ... blame it on the Olympics

Crown Prince Alexander awards Royal Orders to Royal Family members

On the occasion of the anniversary of the death of our beloved ancestor, His Majesty King Peter I of blessed memory, I have decided to apply the Article 3 of the Act about the Order of the Star of Karageorge, bestowing the Grand Cross of the Star of Karageorge upon all the sons of my dear uncles Prince Tomislav and Prince Andrej – HRH Prince Nicholas, HRH Prince Djordje, (George) HRH Prince Mihailo (Michael), HRH Prince Vladimir and HRH Prince Dimitri, as well as upon all sons of my dear recently departed cousin Prince Alexander (Pavlov) – HRH Prince Dimitri, HRH Prince Michael, HRH Prince Serge and HRH Prince Dushan.

On the same occasion, I have decided to bestow the Grand Cross of the Order of Saint Sava to the daughters of my dear uncles – HRH Princess Katerina (Lady de Silva), HRH Princess Maria Tatiana (Mrs. Thune-Larsen) and HRH Princess Lavinia (Mrs. Prichard-Levy), as well as HRH Princess Helene, the daughter of my dear recently departed cousin Prince Alexander (Pavlov).
Issued at the Royal Palace, Belgrade, 16 August 2016

 On the occasion of the anniversary of the death of our beloved ancestor, His Majesty King Peter I of blessed memory, I have decided to bestow the Grand Cross of the Royal Order of the White Eagle to my dear relatives – Sir Desmond de Silva, QC, Mr Gregory Thune-Larsen and Mr Austin Prichard-Levy.

Issued at the Royal Palace, Belgrade, 22 August 2016

Friday, August 19, 2016

The death of Duke of Medinaceli

Copyright Casa Ducale de Medinaceli

Only three years after succeeding his grandmother, Victoria Eugenia Fernandez de Cordoba, 18th Duchess of Medinaceli, who died on August 18, 2013,  HSH Prince Marco zu Hohenlohe-Langenburg, 19th Duke of Medinaceli, died on August 19, 2016 at the Virgen de los Reyes in Seville.   The Duke, who had been ill for some time, was admitted to the hospital several days ago.   He was born at Madrid on March 8, 1962, the eldest child of Prince Max Emanuel of Hohenlohe-Langenburg and  Doña Ana de Medina y Fernandez de Cordoba, 9th Countess of Ofalia and 13th Marquesa de Navahermosa, eldest child of the late Duchess of Mendinaceli.

Doña Ana died in 2012.

The Duke was 54 years old.  He was confirmed as Duke of Medinaceli in September 2014.  He had also applied for his grandmother's other titles, but these were not approved as there is a dispute with his uncle, the Duke of Segorbe.

In 1996,  Marco married German-born Sandra Schmidt-Polex.  They had two children, Princess Victoria (1997) and Prince Alexander (1999).  The couple were divorced in 2004.  Although Victoria and Alexander were born in Malaga, Spain, they moved to Germany with their mother after the divorce.

The late duke is survived by his two childrem his brother, Prince Pablo and his sister, Princess Flavia.

The heir to the ducal title is 19-year-old Princess Victoria, Countess of Ofalia.   She now lives in Madrid, and is a student at the IB Business School.  She enjoys horseback riding, and is fluent in Spanish, German and English.

Liechtenstein's National Day

One of my Twitter friends,  Arjan Brouwer, traveled from his home in the Netherlands to Vaduz, Liechtenstein, for that country's National Day on August 15.  The Staatfeiertag is attended by members of the Princely Family including the Prince and Princess of Liechtenstein, the Hereditary Prince and Princess and other members of the family.

Arjan is the copyright holder.  Please do not reproduce without his permission.  You can follow him on Twitter @houseoflemon

Hereditary Princess Sophie with Arjan

Princess Margaretha (wife of Prince Nikolaus)

Prince Nikolaus

Hereditary Prince Alois

Prince Constantin

Prince Hans Adam

Princess Marie Caroline and one of her brothers 

Princess Marie, the wife of Prince Constantin

The Hereditary Prince and Princess with two of their sons

The Prince and Princess

Hereditary Prince Alois

Schloss Vaduz

The Wedding of Prince Maximilian of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg and Franziska Balzer

The couple were married at the Stadkirche at Bad Laasphe on August 6th.  The photos were taken by Ulrike Bartsch.  She is the copyright holder. These photos cannot be reproduced without her permission.

Prince Maximilian

Princess Vanessa of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg with her husband, Peter Haitsma Mulier and their daughter Selina

Prince and Princess Otto Ludwig zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg with their daughter, Marie Louise, and her son, Hereditary Prince Donatus of Schaumburg-Lippe

Hereditary Prince Donatus

Princesses Vanessa and Marie Louise of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg

Princess Marie Louise with her children, Lana Milona and Prince Donatus

Lana Milona with her cousins Selina, Felicie and Louis Haitsma Mulier

the bride arrives with her father

The Prince of Schaumburg-Lippe with his son, Donatus

Thank you for allowing me to use the photographs.